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Ava showcases the luxury-brand and advertising work of multidisciplinary photographer Pedro Aguilar whose style is characterised by the creativity and technical excellence on both his lighting set-up and post-production work.

After studying Fine Art at Seville’s University in his native Spain he graduated from Brighton’s University (Fine Art MA) and begun his career in London as part of advertising-photography creative duo Diver&Aguilar in 2007 and as as solo artist since 2014.​​​​​​​

Awards include GRAPHIS, c de c (Club de Creativos) and EPICA. His work has appeared twice in Lürzer’s Archive Best 200 Advertising Photographers Worldwide. Recent clients include Unilever, Mullen Lowe, W+K Amsterdam, Levi’s, Nike, Wonderland and Schön! magazine.​​​​​​​