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“Anatol Gottfried is an international photographer based between Barcelona and Berlin. Specialized in lifestyle, people and transportation, he developed his crisp, multicultural and authentic approach during his numerous travels around the globe. As part of his studies at FH Dortmund, a semester abroad made him discover and appreciate the captivating capital of Catalunya. Anatol has considered Barcelona as his main playground for the past ten years and has never stopped exploring its cosmopolitan beauty and authenticity.

Anatol delivers a unique and personal vision of tailor-made photography based on a high attention to details. He makes a point in using his lighting skills to propose a very distinctive style, texture and grain.

Anatol enjoys working in a relaxed, yet methodical environment. He is convinced that comfortable and authentic atmospheres allow models to give the best of themselves. He puts humans at the center of his creative world, in which he enjoys highlighting contrast, shadows and colors. In order to ensure continuity and produce accurate results, due attention is devoted to the importance of transparent communication during all the phases of the projects.

Anatol‘s customers include Alphabet, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Cupra, Mercedes-Benz, Rotkäppchen-Mumm, Russian Standard, Seat, Telekom and many more. Driven by passion, Anatol is always ready to take projects to the next level. #anatolish”