After his first job as a PA, Olivier bought a old Beaulieu 4008 that looked like a laser gun. He fell in love with it.

One day, out of the blue, the few Super 8 films he’d shot landed him a big job in America for Westin Hotels.

On the plane, he couldn’t stop playing with the seat controls. Overnight, he went from working alone with his S8 camera to working with lots of people, too many people on occasion, which made him long for ski treks in the mountains where he can only hear the sound of the wind in the trees.

Olivier also enjoys making Tiramisus and raspberry sorbets (really good ones) with his daughter, although she never bothers to taste them, to his despair.

Born in Marseille, Olivier remains deeply Corsican, even after all these years of living between LA and London.

His only regret is that he sold the 4008 to buy a more sophisticated camera; one he never really liked.

Olivier is currently based in Lyon, but is excited about spending more time in Spain, with Ava..